I posed a question in the Fresh Rag Army recently asking people about their stories of burnout, and if they’d be willing to share their story on the show. In record time, I had several people chime in ready to talk about it.

Because of the way things worked out, I decided to show burnout from three different perspectives. First, from someone who is on the precipice of wondering where to go next with their work. Then I have a conversation with someone who dealt with the burnout by choosing to quit. Finally is a chat with an artist about finding a resurgence in their work, and embracing it with new vigor.

The first conversation is with Katie MacAvoy of Whiskey Ginger Collective, and she was the first to respond to my question, with this statement.

That is straight up 100% me right now. I got pretty down in the dumps about it. It seems like I’m at a crossroads where my shop (@whiskeygingercollective) just isn’t bringing me the joy it used to. Perhaps, that’s ok; it may just be time for something else—something new.”

This conversation with Katie takes on a life of it’s own, and it’s inspiring despite the ominous subject matter. I think many people will relate to Katie’s story, as well as the others, so I hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned for the other episodes in coming weeks.

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