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“When it arrives I jump to open it because there is always something great inside.”

Lizzi – Forgotten Cotton

“Dave always curates great information… stuff I often don’t see anywhere else.

Sharon – Academy of Handmade

“Just enough attitude and kick-in-the-pants to keep reading every release

JP – Tanwood Creative

“It should be titled the most kick-ass, no-nonsense, killer updates to keep you focused and in-gear, news on the effing planet, but I guess ‘Fresh Rag’ is easier to remember.”

Sean Howard

Informative, motivational, humorous — the best newsletter I get.

Donna Berlanda

“Electronic golden nuggets of creative insight and inspiration.”

Andrew – Box Eds Paper Crafts

The only newsletter that I read
every word. Truth!

Suze Ford

“Always thought provoking and insightful for new ideas and methods.

Mike Brennan

Love Dave’s unique snarky style and insightful pearls of wisdom!

Kimberley – Smash Fire Designs

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