So Much Radness, You Can Hardly Take It

nicole stevenson and delilah snell

That is a direct quote from our guests today, Delilah Snell and Nicole Stevenson of Craftcation Conference, Patchwork Show, and Dear Handmade Life. I've been friends with these ladies for awhile, and it was about time I had them on to talk about all the different things in their lives that make them do what they do. What they do is bring hope, joy and love to the handmade community, and it started with an idea to host a handmade party for people in the Southern California area called Patchwork. That show has grown into several shows, showcased several times a year. Not being satisfied with that, they ventured into the business conference space with their Craftcation show which is held once a year in Ventura, California. In this chat, we talk about: How they rebranded the business to adjust to the changing market What was the motivation behind starting a business conference for makers Whether the handmade space is oversaturated or not. What they see as the future of … [Read more...]

Natasha Wescoat Back Again, to Talk Publishing and Pivots


I get a lot of favor requests from people, too many to count these days, and I have to be vigilant about saying no unless it makes sense. So when our friend Natasha Wescoat says she has a new project that she wants to share, but it revolves around her making a radical shift in her process, I jump at the chance. Natasha has a Kickstarter event happening right now to help her fund a children's book she's writing and illustrating, but the book is only the beginning. You see, not too long ago, Natasha made a decision to change things up. She took a risk to potentially alienate her fan base by radically changing the direction of her art. She went from doing her surreal landscapes to more figurative fantasy work, and got an almost immediate backlash. A contingent of her fans were not happy with the direction she was headed, but Natasha is compelled to grow and change as an artist. Despite losing some of her fans in the beginning, she has since gained more momentum with her work, and … [Read more...]

Money Talks With a Lucky B!tch, Denise Duffield-Thomas


Subscribe and Rate the Show in iTunes and Stitcher I must admit I've been a bit fearful, as a man, using the phrase Lucky Bitch so readily because being a guy raised by a single mother, I feel like there are few words dudes should not say to women; that being one of them. However, the lady gets what the lady wants, and Denise Duffield-Thomas' is the Lucky Bitch, so that's how we roll today, folks. DDT would not have it any other way, I assure you. Once we get past the social mores of elicit language, we can get right down to business with a subject that many of us hate to talk about, but so many of us need to talk about it more. You think the B-Word is bad language? How about the M-Word? MONEY! I'm already dealing with people and their starving artist mindset. Add in the fact that they don't like to even mention the word money, and it makes for a rough go with some artsy types. That's ok though, because Denise is here to help us understand that our fears and thoughts about money … [Read more...]

Laura Belgray of Talking Shrimp – Fresh From the Vault


Rate and Subscribe to the Show! I knew when Laura Belgray started talking about the local, homeless man that pisses in her bushes and diddles himself in her presence that this conversation was going to a very dark place. Little did I know we’d actually talk about her business and what it’s like to be a rock star copywriter for the likes of Marie Forleo, Bravo and HBO, just to name a few. Although I spend a good part of the interview away from the microphone because I’m laughing hysterically, I do actually manage to hit Laura was some powerful questions like, “what’s the weather like in New York City?” and “Your husband is a chef, right?” Ok, those were the weak ones, but I promise, when we really get going, Laura brings the thunder, sharing sage wisdom about working in entertainment and how a good copywriter doesn’t write as you, but with you. Yes, we do talk about homeless men diddling themselves, sweaty balls, shiny metal penises, and being a social media concubine in … [Read more...]

Our First Cafe-cast with Photographer, Caroline White


Subscribe to the Show in iTunes or Stitcher Well, this was a fun episode. After a lively meet up with some of my favorite people, one of those individuals and I snuck off to get a little more intimate. We walked down to a local coffee shop here in Long Beach with the intention of hanging out and having a conversation. I was testing my road rig for the first time, and I was a bit leery that it might not work. Thankfully that was not the case and this interview came out great. Granted, it's a bit rough because we were using the same mic. There's a few moments when passing the mic back and forth got a bit weird, but I think you can handle it. Of course, it wouldn't have been nearly as awesome if not for my fabulous co-host today, Miss Caroline White, a Los Angeles based photographer who I have had the pleasure of hanging out with many times. She's a good egg, and knows her stuff when it comes to shooting people the legal way. Caroline and I talk about the art of taking good photos, … [Read more...]

Life After Christmas

life after christmas stacked

The following is an excerpt from my new book, Life After Christmas, due out November 2014. Here’s how the holiday scenario plays out for many of us creatives. You’re running your business as you normally would on any Summer day, but as you open the door to allow the warm breeze blow the curtains back, instead of a the familiar warmth of the last few months, you’re hit with a brisk cold shock instead. Autumn snuck up on you, and as much as you might embrace the idea of the beautiful Fall colors, you are suddenly stricken with anxiety. This means you have less than three months before the holidays and you haven’t made nearly enough product of the coming surge. You need to order supplies, get your workspace in order, put some preliminary calls into friends who may help you with the coming deluge, and the overwhelm starts to hit. For a brief moment you think about all the money you’ll make during the holidays, and it warms you up a bit, even though you will be working your buns … [Read more...]