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12 Alternatives to Selling Handmade Goods Online

The Brush Strokes of a Creative Life, With Kal Barteski


If you've been tracking my movements lately, you've probably see plenty of my frantic script on various pictures across blog posts and the Instagram feed. Since being more in tune with the art of hand-lettering, I've found plenty of people doing great work. One of the pioneers of this expressive new world is Kal Barteski, a polar bear loving Canadian who is as handy with a Sumi brush as surgeon a scalpel. Originally I anticipated my conversation with Kal to be about lettering and Instagram, but when I hit her with a couple of heavy philosophical questions right out of the gate, it turned into a deep conversation about the soul of expressive art and typography. We bonded over mutual respect for icons like David Carson and Basquiat, and she indulged my curiosity on her fascination of polar bears. It's a great conversation that inspired us to promise another one in the future. I think you'll agree. Relative Links Kal Barteski Kal's Instagram Her TEDx talk on Polar … [Read more...]

Branding, Advertising, and Etsy Success in the April Q&A

fresh54-april questions and answers It's that time again—the monthly questions and answers episode is here, and I got some doozies this time around. We talk about a whole myriad of things, from marketing and branding, to what kind of car do I imagine myself to be. The answers to all the questions below might surprise you... or maybe not. Either way, I hope you enjoy them, and learn some new things. Sienne Josselin Where do you find your inspiration? Heidi How do you rally after a failure? Danielle What would you say was the first move you made in your business that worked really well towards your success? Olivia Your budget is $100 every 3 months for advertising. Where would you spend it? Kimberly How do you know if you need a rebranding/overhaul? I'm a little stuck trying to figure out if all the various platforms I use.. IG, FB page, website, Etsy page, etc... are just not cohesive enough and need some change. Curious too as to what triggered your decision to overhaul your I.G. … [Read more...]

Not All Artists Can Be Lions, Says Pop Art Firebrand, Ashley Longshore

ashley-longshore-feature Before I get started, I do want to say that if you're sensitive to strong language, you're not going to want to listen to this one, because Ashley gets colorful, and in my opinion, makes the conversation that much better. So, yeah, NSFW or for kids, but so much knowledge dropped here. "Someone loves me enough to give me their hard earned money, and they're gonna live with an image I created." [tweet it] Want to know how to get artist, Ashley Longshore fired up? Tell her you're going to take half her money for showing her art in your gallery. This is one of the main topics that Ashley and I discuss in this red hot conversation. Ashley is a self-taught artist who never once let the art establishment stand in her way to success. She's put in the hard work, and had tremendous tenacity to make herself a success in a world that normally shuns her kind. Ashley is bold, audacious, bombastic, and tosses up a middle finger to gallery owners all over the planet. She … [Read more...]

Art Licensing Secrets with Maria Brophy


Find the show notes for this episode at One of the most frequently asked questions I get from creatives is how to take their art business into the licensing arena, and it's not always an easy answer, but today I've brought along a new friend to help us cut through muck and mire. Maria Brophy is the business mastermind behind Drew Brophy, the world renowned, surf-inspired artist who's art you may have seen on fiberglass boards in any beach town around the planet. Maria's job is not only to help take her husband's art business to the next level, but she also offers up her wisdom for other creatives on a regular basis. If you're not following her on Twitter, you should get on that, because she's always dropping knowledge, and always approachable. I know individuals who have worked with Maria, and they had nothing but great things to say about her consultations. It was a no-brainer to have her on the show to come share some of that awesome with you. In this … [Read more...]

I Killed an Entire Room of Creatives at the Craftcation Conference


I would kill again, if they let me! Guys! Can I tell you how much I've missed you? I can't believe it's been over a month since I put my mouth to a microphone and said the words, "Welcome to the Fresh Rag Show." I'm glad to be back, and I cannot wait to share all kinds of awesome this month. You are not going to believe all the cool people I've met in the last few weeks, and I am bring all of them to this party right here. But first, though, I want to talk about the Craftcation Conference. I attended this show in the last weekend of March, and I had a blast. I was a participant, and MC, and a live, roving reporter, which you'll get to hear in just a minute. If you're not familiar with the Craftcation Conference, it's the brain child of the ladies from Dear Handmade Life, and this was their fourth year putting the event on. It's a combination of actual DIY making, and business building. Whether you're a newb maker who just wants to expand their skillset, or a budding business … [Read more...]

Search Engine Humanization with Marc Ensign


What if we lived in a world where our actions and our intentions were enough to get us the business we need? What if we could represent ourselves as 100% authentic, and that would be the way to making it big? Marc Ensign believes it's possible, and he believes it starts with being a Dick. Yeah, he wants you and I to be as much of a Dick as possible, but it ain't what you think. In fact, it's the exact opposite of what you think. I won't expose the secret, so you're going to have to listen in to see what Marc means by that. We also talk about his viewpoint on search engine optimization (SEO), and that we as a society, put too much emphasis on gaming an electronic system using words and phrases to hook people who may not care we exist. If instead, we chose to be more human, more real, and provide value and information in a way that is unique to ourselves, we provide an opportunity to attract the people that will care about us years to come. This from the vault episode with Marc … [Read more...]