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12 Alternatives to Selling Handmade Goods Online

Nikolas Allen Claims Death to the Starving Artist


Once upon a time, there lived a man whose objective in life was to help those who could not always help themselves. He was an artist, designer, and an author with a flair for pop culture, and through his experience and creative prowess, he lived his life trying to eliminate the starving artist mentality from the world. Contrary to what you may think, I'm not talking about myself here. Instead I'm referring to kindred spirit, Nikolas Allen, and after years of running in the same circles, I decided it was time to invite him onto the show. As you can assume, we talk about many things, specifically the limiting beliefs that a lot of creatives have, but also how we can manage our way through the ever changing world of living a creative life online. It's a great conversation, and a perfect end to this current season of shows. As you may be aware, after this, I'm taking a break for a few weeks while I hunker down into finishing my latest book, The Gold Is In The List (available for … [Read more...]

I’m Pledging 100 Days To a More Awesome Self


Before I begin my story, I encourage you to stick around to the end, because this all my pertain to you, if you’re up for it. It could change your life, like it’s going to change mine. In late 2010, when my son was still an infant, there was a night where he’d been up late, cranky from teething. I did my best to sooth him as I carried him around the room, because inexplicably, when I sat down, he started crying again. I’d been walking around the room for 45 minutes, trying to keep him asleep, meanwhile I was tired, my back hurt, and my arms were wearing down from holding him for so long. My wife finally came in and relieved me of duty, because she could see the frustration on my face. I went to the other room and sat down in my comfortable chair, hoping for death or sleep, whichever came first. While I waited, a thought pushed itself into my head: I was out of shape. At the time, I had gained a lot of weight, and I wasn’t doing any physical activity beyond lifting my arm to … [Read more...]

Legal Q&A With Attorney Tamsen Horton

proceed-with-caution legal questions with tamsen horton

It's been awhile, but I'm finally bringing Tamsen Horton back on the show to talk legalese. We had a few legal questions in the Fresh Rag Army lately (free to join), and instead of me giving out bad advice, I decided it would be best to bring in a pro.  The beauty of having Tamsen on is that she's always brings gifts, like this... Free PDF - Protecting Jewelry Copyright (also good for other products) On top of that, she laid down some written responses to the questions, which I will post just after the links. Relative Links Tamsen Horton Vuja De Law Music: Longtime by Ash Grunwald Join the Fresh Rag News Join the Army ===== Before you read all of this below, it's important for you to understand that I, Dave Conrey, am not an attorney, and cannot give legal advice. Also, Tamsen is an attorney at law, but she is not YOUR attorney. Take this as friendly insight from someone who just happens to be versed in law. If you're looking to go deeper on any of these subjects, I … [Read more...]

Diving Deep on Periscope With Holly G.


Who better to talk about the benefits of a live video social media platform than the go-to video gal herself, Holly Gillen. I originally invited Holly onto the show to talk about video in general, because a lot has transpired since our last chat, but then Periscope happened, and Holly got all fancy on that platform. Since many people are talking about the possibilities with Periscope, I decided to bring on a specialist. Holly will not tell you she's an "expert" in the field, because really, who is? The platform is only four months old and there couldn't possibly be any experts, but there are some very savvy users, and Holly is one of them. She shares her thoughts about the potential of the app, as well as some tips and tricks to make it all happen. It's good times, I promise. Relative Links Holly G. Studios … on Periscope: @HollyGStudios … and on Twitter How to dominate video in your business Music: Dream Girl by No Vacation … [Read more...]

Kenna Coté Gave Her Company Away For Future Success


In a long overdue conversation with a lady I've known for years but never met in person, I invited Kenna (or Kendra depending on how well you know her) Coté of Modern Soap Making to come on the show and chat with me. She was in California for a short trip, and said she wanted to visit me in the LBC. I gave her the short tour of my city, then we planted ourselves in a local park, and recorded this conversation about soap, buses, and giving away your business so you can focus energy on a project that she's more passionate about. In this chat, make sure to pay close attention to how she instructs her students on how to find their market, and differentiate themselves by hyper-niching.  She also talks about why it's important to charge what your worth. If you're a maker looking to make a living from your made stuff, then you need to get paid enough to continue making. And then you sell all your stuff, and travel around the country in a bus. Relative Links Modern Soap … [Read more...]

Six Figures in Seven Days


This week I had a long, heartfelt conversation with my good friend and artist, Nina Huang. We have these kinds of conversations on a regular basis, mostly to check in, and see how we can support each other. Invariably, one of us is in a good spot, and one of us is in a not-so-good spot, which gives balance to the conversation. Our conversation had Nina on a high, while I had been working my way out of a small hole, and it all started with watching a motivational video. There's this guy in the internet marketing world by the name of Frank Kern. He's made millions upon millions of dollars doing what he does, and although I am familiar with his work, I rarely listen to what he has to say, and have never bought from him; the reason being that I have a hard time looking at what him, and guys like him, do for money. Without getting too deep into this part of the conversation, and people pay him thousands of dollars to teach them how to get people to pay them thousands of dollars, but … [Read more...]