Artist and Illustrator Quyen Dinh Talks About Quitting in Order to Find Success

Listen In on This Episode Now Here at Fresh Rag HQ, I get multiple emails a week from people asking to be part of the site, either as a blog post, or featured on the podcast. It's a good problem to have because I get to discover new people on a regular basis. A majority of the requests are not a good fit for the show, and it happens so often, I get a little jaded with the requests. However, every once in awhile, a golden nugget lands in my lap, and I can't help but take advantage of the opportunity, and that is how Quyen Dinh came to be on the show today. Quyen is an artist and illustrator based in Orange County, California, just a few miles away from me, and she's tapped into a gold mine with her current work. Her pension for traditional style tattooing has her crafting some truly interesting work that is a mix of that traditional style combined with various pop culture references. It's a unique idea that has taken off for her to the tune of 10,000+ sales on Etsy in 2 years. I'm … [Read more...]

Is Podcasting in Your Future? A Chat With Ozeal Debastos of Connected Creatives

Click Here for Direct Access to the Episode In this episode, I get back together with my friend, Ozeal Debastos of Connected Creatives and the No Permission Needed podcast where we talk about our adventure in Dallas, Texas at the the inaugural Podcast Movement Conference. Whether you're an aspsiring podcaster or not, you'll want to check out this episode because there are lessons to be learned no matter what media you choose as your main source of promotion. In this case, the word podcasting could be easily replaced with blogging, social media, or traditional media because the sentiments are the same in regards to business. What we talk about in this episode: Why is it so damn hot and muggy in Texas (we always have to talk about the weather) A new generation of media creators coming up Who is our real competition in business How to incorporate new efforts in social media Why being a copy-cat is a sure fire way to fail What is the future of broadcasting Some of you … [Read more...]

What People Say About You When You’re Not in the Room


Stick around to the end of this one, because my story ends on a very strong note that you are not going to want to miss, trust me. The other day, I had a conversation with my friend Emily Spada about her exasperation with the state of her online business. Emily is trying to make her way, like many of us, while working a full time job, but she's starting to lose resolve. If she were seeing consistent sales of any degree, she might not be so tired of her work, but as it stands, she's not seeing consistent growth, or sales in general, and it wears her out. Her displeasure was apparent, and even through the wires of the interwebs, I could feel her grief and anger over the situation. She's riding the edge, teetering toward the side of giving up. We've been friends for a long time and I wish at this point that I had been a better one earlier on because I might have been better cheerleader when she needed it most. Normally, I would have charged in on my white horse and raised the flag … [Read more...]

The Artist in the Hole


One day, an artist is walking along a narrow path, and while he's dreaming about becoming famous, he steps into and falls down a deep, dark hole. He tries to climb out, but the walls are too sheer and slippery. He's all alone and he starts to worry that no one will ever find him. Just then, Tony Robbins walks by. The artist shouts up, "Tony, can you help me out? I fell down this hole and I can't get out." Tony looks down, smiles a big, toothy grin and says in his gravely voice, "That's your problem right there. You don't believe enough in yourself. You have the mental capacity within you. Find that capacity, and get yourself out of there." Tony walks away proud of his accomplishment. Reinvigorated, the artist musters up his energy, focuses his mind, thinks about the internal strength within him, and tries again, but still can't get anywhere close to the edge. Shortly after, Gary Vaynerchuk walks by, and the artist calls out, "Gary, Gary, I'm stuck down here. Can you do … [Read more...]

Is Modern Education Killing Creativity? I ask Kathleen Jasper of ConversationED


Click Here to Subscribe to the Show in iTunes Listen in Right Now! This is not your typical Fresh Rag Show conversation, but this is a conversation that is needed probably more than any other we have had since the start of the show. Today I'm talking with Kathleen Jasper of, a woman on a mission to change the status quo of how we educate our kids in America. Whether you have kids or not, this is an essential conversation because the power that be are trying to turn the children of the world into standardized test taking drones whose only goal is to study to pass a multiple-choice test that does nothing but justify the high cost of standardized testing. The truth is, not all kids learn the same way, yet we are trying our hardest to squeeze every single square peg into the round hole of Common Core. Meanwhile, as new standards in math, science and language are pushed upon them, other programs like art, music and sports are being removed to make room for … [Read more...]

Creative Ignorance is Still Ignorance


The other day, on a popular design forum in Facebook, someone posted the following question: “Anyone have any thoughts on selling stuff on Society6? I have a few ideas, like an iPhone case, that I’d like to see made, but I don’t have the funds to print them myself. Worth it?” The first comment came from a popular and well-established designer (who shall remain nameless), and I’m sure he had the best of intentions when he replied, “Those sites are worth it only if you have a fan base and you promote it a lot. Just putting things up there and hoping people will find it and buy it never seems to happen.” [Begin Rant] I’m sure some of you reading this already know where I’m headed, and I’m sure you can imagine my head nearly exploded when I read this reply, but I promise, I did not take that bait. Instead, I took a screenshot and will go to town passive-aggressively here on the blog. Now, I completely agree with everything the commenter said, in strict context, that you can’t … [Read more...]