The Artist in the Hole


One day, an artist is walking along a narrow path, and while he's dreaming about becoming famous, he steps into and falls down a deep, dark hole. He tries to climb out, but the walls are too sheer and slippery. He's all alone and he starts to worry that no one will ever find him. Just then, Tony Robbins walks by. The artist shouts up, "Tony, can you help me out? I fell down this hole and I can't get out." Tony looks down, smiles a big, toothy grin and says in his gravely voice, "That's your problem right there. You don't believe enough in yourself. You have the mental capacity within you. Find that capacity, and get yourself out of there." Tony walks away proud of his accomplishment. Reinvigorated, the artist musters up his energy, focuses his mind, thinks about the internal strength within him, and tries again, but still can't get anywhere close to the edge. Shortly after, Gary Vaynerchuk walks by, and the artist calls out, "Gary, Gary, I'm stuck down here. Can you do … [Read more...]

Is Modern Education Killing Creativity? I ask Kathleen Jasper of ConversationED


Click Here to Subscribe to the Show in iTunes Listen in Right Now! This is not your typical Fresh Rag Show conversation, but this is a conversation that is needed probably more than any other we have had since the start of the show. Today I'm talking with Kathleen Jasper of, a woman on a mission to change the status quo of how we educate our kids in America. Whether you have kids or not, this is an essential conversation because the power that be are trying to turn the children of the world into standardized test taking drones whose only goal is to study to pass a multiple-choice test that does nothing but justify the high cost of standardized testing. The truth is, not all kids learn the same way, yet we are trying our hardest to squeeze every single square peg into the round hole of Common Core. Meanwhile, as new standards in math, science and language are pushed upon them, other programs like art, music and sports are being removed to make room for … [Read more...]

Creative Ignorance is Still Ignorance


The other day, on a popular design forum in Facebook, someone posted the following question: “Anyone have any thoughts on selling stuff on Society6? I have a few ideas, like an iPhone case, that I’d like to see made, but I don’t have the funds to print them myself. Worth it?” The first comment came from a popular and well-established designer (who shall remain nameless), and I’m sure he had the best of intentions when he replied, “Those sites are worth it only if you have a fan base and you promote it a lot. Just putting things up there and hoping people will find it and buy it never seems to happen.” [Begin Rant] I’m sure some of you reading this already know where I’m headed, and I’m sure you can imagine my head nearly exploded when I read this reply, but I promise, I did not take that bait. Instead, I took a screenshot and will go to town passive-aggressively here on the blog. Now, I completely agree with everything the commenter said, in strict context, that you can’t … [Read more...]

Go From Scared Shitless to Unstoppable Force in a Weekend

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Make sure to rate this show in iTunes and Stitcher. When you're done, share it! Download the Episode Now This past weekend I attended the Podcast Movement conference in Dallas, TEXAS (not California as the episode states), and despite your interest level in becoming a podcaster yourself, I can tell you without equivocation, I've never learned more about business in general than I did at this event. I gained a lot of knowledge and understanding of my craft and made some good friends, all while simultaneously getting my ass kicked. In this special Off the Books episode, I talk about my weekend experience, and why it's brought me to a place of new understanding in my business. You're not going to want to miss this one, folks. Relative Links Podcast Movement Conference Michael O'Neal Chris Brogan Chase Reeves Srini Rao Ozeal Debastos This episode sponsored by Bluehost. Get all your web hosting needs handled, quick, easy, and at less money than most other hosting … [Read more...]

Did You Hear the One About The Guy Who Wrote a Book About Selling Art Online?


Ok, so this is way overdue, and most of you have probably already know about this, but someone reminded me the other day that I had failed officially announce here on the blog that the 2nd edition of Selling Art Online had gone wide release. Well, it has. If you're not familiar with Selling Art Online, the gist is this: you sell art, but you'd like to sell more. If you're an artist, illustrator, photographer, graphic designer, and you wish to get your work in different places across the web in order to proliferate the universe with your creativity; then Selling Art Online is the book you want to read. You may also be completely unfamiliar with the idea of selling your art in an online capacity. Don't you worry, because this book will help you fix that problem as well. To break it down simply, the core of Selling Art Online is dedicated to featuring different places across the creative Internet where you can sell your art in different capacities. It also gives you a variety of … [Read more...]

Jewelry Designer, Natasha Wozniak – Fresh Rag Show


Check out the full episode right now! In today's episode, we're discussing how to sell high end handmade products with jewelry designer, Natasha Wozniak. Several people have come to me in the past and asked me my thoughts on how to approach selling products that should be regarded as higher quality and higher price point. In those situations, I contend that attitude toward the work is as important as the materials used to craft the item. Listen In Listen on the blog Check it out on iTunes Relative Links Natasha's Jewelry Natasha on Pinterest Track 1 - Razor Wire Reality by I Am Giant Track 2 - Weekend Warrior by Eytan and the Embassy Track 3 - I've Got Dirt on You by The Safewords Gratuitous Links Join us in Dallas Buy the book on Amazon Buy the book on Etsy … [Read more...]