Some time ago, I released my first ebook called Selling Art Online – 21 Places to Share Your Work & Start Getting Paid. I gave that ebook away free to anyone who signed up for my newsletter. Everybody loved it and all things were good, but I was never completely satisfied with the book. It felt unfinished to me. So, I pulled it down and went back at it to add more chapters, more details and fix some problems.

I knew when I finished this next version, it was going to be a full-fledged book instead of more of a directory like it was before the upgrades, so I figured it was time to put a price tag on it. In June of 2013 (for those checking in far beyond that date), I released version 2 of Selling Art Online, the new subtitle being The Creative Guide to Turning Your Work into Cash (Now in 2nd Edition!), since it was no longer just a directory of websites. It still has the directory, but much more now.

SAO-cover-display2Repurposed Content for Fun and Profit

Sometimes we sell one piece of art to one person, and sometimes we can turn that art into multiple streams of content and income, but the difference is not just in the piece of art itself, but our mindset, and our impetus to make something more out of it. Repurposing your content not only gives you a chance to create a whole stream of content to be used across several platforms (social media, blogs, marketplaces), but also gives you a chance to sell it many ways (originals, prints, downloadables).

I’ve added an in-depth chapter on the subject of repurposing, including the ideology, the process, and specific ways to execute without spending more time online than necessary. There is no magic pill to selling your art, but any way we can to help ease the process and generate more income is worth the effort, I believe.

Sometimes You Need a Kick in the Pants

What I’m finding more and more of these days from my readers (and listeners) is less need for tactical information, and more motivational content that hits people right in the Solar Plexus, driving them to get off their butts and into action for the sake of their careers. When I played football in high school, it wasn’t the drills that got me pumped up on game day.

Sure, I needed to know the plays, and needed to know the tactics, but the motivation (both positive and negative) is what got me energized for wanting to put my helmet forcefully between the numbers of my opponents. Throughout the book, you’ll find tactical information, but it’s teamed up with lots of kick-ass motivation to help you. The idea is to read what you need to read and then get moving. The only way to get the job done is to do it, right?

This is Far From the End of the Story

Above is what you get if you go to Amazon right now and buy the book. To be completely fair, I have been testing pricing models, from $5.99 down to completely free, so it’s tough to say where it will be when you click through, but the book is available for purchase in a Kindle format—nothing fancy except good, clean, quality content.

Soon, I will be experimenting with a secondary model for the book, which will be for purchase directly from me. This will be an illustrated version of the book, showing examples and screenshots for everything we talk about. It will also be in glorious, full-color, and printable so you can, well, print it out and enjoy it while sitting wherever it is you like to read books in paper form.

In addition to that illustrated version of the book, I will have some worksheets and other downloads available in an upgraded package. This also will include an exclusive audio version of the book read by none other than the author himself (that’s me if you hadn’t heard).

In addition, there will be a third level option, which will include the book, all the downloads above, the audio version and I’ll toss in some audio interviews from some top artists who are selling their work online and how they do it. I am even considering tossing in a special coaching audio to help get you motivated and into gear on the next level of your creative career. If you want the full catered regalia, this will be the option for you.

This is the Show Folks, I Don’t Do Magic

So, why offer the book in so many different versions? Call it diversity for the masses, or call it an experimentation in marketplace saturation, or you could call it walking my own talk. I want to provide many options for people to get the most value possible. I also want to see if this is a sustainable business model, but I have a good feeling it is, and if it works, I’ll be sure to share with you. I’ll let you guess how that’s all going to play out.

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