If you’re not familiar with Randel Plowman, he’s an artist based out of Madison, Wisconsin, and the author of the popular Collage a Day blog where he literally posts a new hand-made collage every day, each one for sale. I’ve been a follower of his blog for a long time now, and when I saw that he put out a book on the subject, I snatched it up.

Collage Workbook is a fairly straight forward book, giving you exactly what you would expect from the name. It’s 132 pages of techniques, advice and examples of how to approach collaging ¬†and take it to a new level. It’s a good, quick read with lots of beautiful examples of what is possible through collaging.

I’ve been a collage artist since I started doing art as a kid, so I can’t say I learned a whole lot here, but what it did give me was inspiration. Since working through different stages of my art life, I’ve finally come full circle and decided to try a few new collages, but this time mixing up the styles to include some of the new techniques I’ve learned over time. I’m not sure how that will manifest itself yet, but I’m inspired and I can’t wait to put it into practice.

Are you a collage artist? How about sharing some of your work here.