Before I get started, I do want to say that if you’re sensitive to strong language, you’re not going to want to listen to this one, because Ashley gets colorful, and in my opinion, makes the conversation that much better. So, yeah, NSFW or for kids, but so much knowledge dropped here.

“Someone loves me enough to give me their hard earned money, and they’re gonna live with an image I created.” [tweet it]

Want to know how to get artist, Ashley Longshore fired up? Tell her you’re going to take half her money for showing her art in your gallery. This is one of the main topics that Ashley and I discuss in this red hot conversation.

Ashley is a self-taught artist who never once let the art establishment stand in her way to success. She’s put in the hard work, and had tremendous tenacity to make herself a success in a world that normally shuns her kind. Ashley is bold, audacious, bombastic, and tosses up a middle finger to gallery owners all over the planet. She is the living embodiment of how I personally feel about the art world, and I feel a bit of kindred spirit in her.

photo courtesy of ashley longshore artWhat we talk about:

  • What is more important? Hustle or confidence
  • How much does attitude matter to success?
  • Do galleries matter in this new era?
  • How is she promoting her work?
  • Can you use the F-Word too much? (hint: no)

“It is my job as an artist, and a human being, to impart the knowledge I’ve learned, so other people can do what I’ve done.” – Ashley Longshore

I promise this conversation may shock and surprise you, but it’s the straight talk you need to hear about how the world works for the successful. Bold and confident is the sexy new way to market yourself, and the meek can keep their limiting beliefs. We’re over here making money from the work we were meant to do.

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Photos Credit: Ashley Longshore