Today is the final installment in our three-part series on burnout, and we’re ending on a really great note.

In the first episode, we talked with designer, Katie MacAvoy about how she was knocking at the door of burnout and deciding which direction to take her business. Next, we chatted with artist, BJ Lantz about how she finally decided to give up a lucrative, but painful area of her business, in lieu of new ideas, and a fresh approach to her art.

In today’s conversation, we talk with another artist, Megan Carty, and how she faced down her demons, and came out triumphant, with a new focus, and renewed vigor toward her work. It’s an inspiring conversation, and one that I believe will end the year on a strong point.

That’s right, this will be the last episode of 2015. The Fresh Rag Show will be taking a break until January. So, stack up your downloads if you haven’t already, and I’ll see you after the new year.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.



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