Today is all about the rants and raves for different things I’ve run across in the last few weeks that I believe need discussing. There’s no conversation this time around, but I promise, I’ll give you something to talk about.

In the first part, I talk about a new podcast I’m into, and how the latest episode that centers around Robert Frost’s most popular poem, “The Road Not Taken,” is one of the most widely mistaken pieces of art, and how the misinterpretation is affecting our decision making process.

Second, there’s a lot of chatter lately about Amazon Handmade, and how it’s going to effect Etsy, or not effect Etsy, as the case may be. It’s a hot topic, but I settle the score pretty quick on this one.

Third is all about intellectual property, and how we need to be 1. careful when working with friends, and 2. be sure to watch how much inspiration we take from others.

Also, I go into a long bit about my new theories on the Starving Artist mindset, and why I think it’s the people who are not creative that might have this whole topic wrong from the start.

Finally, I talk about how I increased my Instagram follower count by more than 25% in a week by using one simple technique, but that none of that even really matters… or does it.

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