If I told you to strive to make ugly work, would you look at me funny? Would you scoff at the idea that anything you did could ever be ugly? What if I said it was the only way to release you from some of the constraints you have about your work and your life?

Today on the show, my guest, Kim Werker talks about the premise behind her recent life’s focus. Aside from the many other things she has going on in her life, she published a book called Make It Mighty Ugly, and I highly recommend each and everyone one of you check it out.

I would like to say that our conversation stemmed from the idea of that book. In fact, that was the general idea. Then as I was doing my research, I ran across a post she wrote called 100 Stream-of-Consciousness Things About Kim, and that took me down an entirely new rabbit hole. There was more insight to who Kim is in that post than anything else I read. So, being the investigative journalist I am, we decided to talk about how sunshine is her nemesis, and how Delaware is the worst place on earth.

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