One subject I know very little about is fashion, so it would seem strange that I was compelled to bring two ladies onto the show who have their own podcast centered around a topic I know little about.

However, when I had a chance meeting with Lisa Rowan and Kaarin Vembar of the Pop Fashion podcast, I was immediately caught up in the parallels that we shared.

They talk fashion and pop culture. I talk about creativity and media, but the themes of entrepreneurship and business management seem to to transcend perfectly between both areas. Mix that with a sharp wit and a intelligent banter, and I was hooked on these ladies.

Long story short, it was a no-brainer to invite them to come onto the Fresh Rag Show to talk about their show, their businesses, selling on Etsy, and working with your friends.

If you don’t learn and laugh, then we haven’t done our job, but I’m pretty certain there’s no risk of that. I’ve listened to this episode a few times now, and I learn something each time I do, and laugh all the way through.

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