This may be the most sensitive topic we’ve ever talked about here on the Fresh Rag Show. Rarely do we talk about the deeper sides of running a creative business. So many artists and makers have gone into those professions because they appreciate the solitude of working with their hands, alone in a studio, satisfied with their solitude while they make stuff.

The more creative people I talk to, the more I realize how many of them would rather be doing something other than being in the spotlight. I see this both on the podcast, and within my own training groups. Of course, not all artists and makers are hard-core introverts, but we all tend to have a bit of it within us, and sometimes it holds us back from reaching our full business potential.

This is the conversation I started with my friend, Kaarin Vembar of Closet Caucus, before I realized we needed to carry the chat over to the podcast.

You are not alone in this battle of personality vs. attention, and your business does not need to suffer, if you know how to manage your own needs and expectations. I won’t say we have the answers to the situation that might cause some of you to hold yourself back, but maybe there’s some solace in solidarity.

Come join Kaarin and I while we talk through our identity issues.

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