Along with all the other things I’ve got happening here on Fresh Rag, I also write books, and some of them may be the thing you’re looking for to take your work to the next level. Or you may just want some casual entertainment. It’s my hope these reads get you exactly what you need.

Selling Art Online

sao-blog-promo_smThis could be the most eye-opening book you read about being a creative entrepreneur. Whether you’re an illustrator, artist, designer, photographer or any variety of visual creator, this book could change your point of view on how you sell your work.

Is this a get rich quick book? No, not at all. Everything here is simple, but nothing is easy. You will work your butt off, especially at first, but as they say in gambling, “the juice is worth the squeeze.” It will be hard, and you will love it.

This book gives you freedom. Freedom from the confines of old structures, freedom from the gatekeepers who keep you held back, and freedom from the oppressive comments of others intended to keep you from getting disillusioned, but you’re smarter, tougher, and more resourceful than they know.

Life After Christmas

lac-blog-promo_smallWhat if I told you that the key to success in your creative business is how well you told a story? Would you laugh? Would you scoff? Would you tilt your head in confusion? What if I replaced storytelling with branding? Using a standard business phrase to represent success is easy, but the scope of the concept is elusive to many. Today, branding is synonymous with storytelling, and the lucky ones who read this book will get a chance to establish a new standard in their creative business.

The reality of business in our new, connected world is that we have more opportunity for success than ever, but we also have more competition. You can sell the products you make in a variety of places, as quickly as you can make them, but the rest of the world can do the same. How will your customers find you amongst the clutter?
Branding is the promise you give others as they walk through your world

The products you make, the service you provide, the images you create, and the story you tell, all make up how people perceive your brand. If you know the right formula to making a big impact on your future customers, you have a chance at success, but you better have a plan.

The goal of this book is to give you the tools and knowledge to sustain your business for years to come. We use the holidays as a framework because they are an ever-present thought in the minds of small business owners like you, but the methods in these pages are meant to be used to your advantage in any season. Maybe there’s a more advanced book for those that grow beyond the scope of these words, but for now, this will become your creative business bible. Follow the path and you will gain more fans, more customers, and make more money.