Most of the time, these conversations are for you. Sometimes, they’re for me, but yet, still for you. That is the situation today, because I’ve been eager to get my friend Suze Ford on the show to talk about her art selling strategy.

As you may know, I am now selling my own art online these days, and the best way for me to make that as easy a process as possible it to learn from my contemporaries. I regard Suze in the highest esteem when it comes to making and selling art, and because she’s always had my back, I figured it was only fair that I get her on the show to showcase her talents and expertise.

On this episode, we dive into some heavy topics, like whether you need a gallery or not, what to do if you want to reach into new markets, what is the best method for pricing, and what kind of art sells better to which types of buyers. Of course, this is all from her own experience, so your results may vary, but she’s got some learnin’ to teach ya, so come have some fun with Suze and me.

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