Truthfully, this is a little scary to announce, but I’ve decided to postpone indefinitely my most successful product line in order to pursue more of my second most successful product line. Does that even make sense? Hardly, at least to the outsider, but as with anything, I have quite a few good reasons.

Before I get into what I’m killing off, a little moment of self-discovery. If you’ve listened to my episode with Caitlin Bacher, then you know I’ve been wrestling with something. This announcement is about that something. Normally I would play off this small struggle as fear or resistance trying to keep me from making good things happen, but I noticed when I had conversations with myself about this particular product, it filled me with a bit of dread. The dread wasn’t about the work, and it wasn’t about the money, but instead, it was about all the time involved in making the product happen. All I could think about was how much work I wouldn’t be getting done during that time.

Most of the time, resistance is something we should stand up to, and we absolutely should fight back against fear when it gets in our way, but this is not one of those moments. This is different than not wanting to put myself out in the world. This is more about letting money get in the way of me pursuing what I truly want.

Sometimes resistance talks to us because it actually has something important to share. Sometimes listening to what is happening inside is reminder to look at the big picture. There’s something in me, a gut instinct, that is telling me I need to follow this path, but it’s divergent from the one I’m on.

Choosing the right direction at this fork in the road is not easy. The anguish I feel just thinking about making this decision brings about all kinds of issues. I wonder what people will think when I tell them I’m killing this product off. I worry that it could be detrimental, and people will bail out. I worry about the money I won’t be making from it, and now I’m feeling resistance in both directions.

So now I’m sitting here debating, which is the real resistance? Which set of thoughts should I listen to? They both want my attention, they both scare me, and they both seem right and wrong at the same time.

While I’ve been pondering this struggle for a few weeks, I made an announcement on the podcast that the Fresh Rag Masters was coming soon, and instead of being excited about the idea, I felt heavy. I felt like I intentionally put a tremendous amount of weight on my back, and I didn’t like it.

Conversely, that same day, I sat down to write a bit for a new project I’m working on, and it felt good. I banged out nearly 5,000 words in an afternoon, and the time melted away. I felt awesome after that writing session.

The answer should have been obvious to me, but I still struggled with the decision, right up until the moment I wrote the first words of this post. Ironically, by writing this note, I released myself from the shackles of the resistance. The gut instinct wins.

So, yeah, Fresh Rag Masters is done, for the duration. Maybe I’ll bring it back in the future, but not guarantees. Instead, I’m going to be spending the majority of that free time turning words into digital ink, and I can’t wait to share them with you more often.