this-is-what-suffices-for-a-bioI was on Twitter last night when someone shared the work of an artist I found compelling. The artist’s work is interesting, and I respect what they produce, right up until the point that I decided to read more into them.

Clicking the bio link on their site produced nothing in regards to information about the artist themselves, but instead, a laundry list of accomplishments. Now, I would never fault an artist for touting their accomplishments, but since there is no information in regards to the artists thoughts, intents, ideas, or perspective on the work, I believe there’s something deeper going on here.

Not satisfied with accepting this as the only information about the artist, I turned to the blog. Maybe they shared their thoughts in an online journal. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Instead of insight, I found only three entries over the process of two years (none recent), each of which was a review of their work.

Taking into consideration these facts, I surveyed the pages on the navigation. In order they are:

Portfolio, Bio, Calendar, Blog, Galleries, Workshops, Contact

It could also be read as:

MY Stuff, MY Accomplishments, MY Schedule,
MY [reviews], MY Galleries, Learn from ME, Contact ME

The surprising thing is, this is not exclusive to this artist. This is the norm. Artists like this believe that their work should speak for itself, and that people should feel honored that the artist is sharing it with them. They feel their contribution to the world is the art, and only the art.


In 2015, you do not get to be this self-absorbed as a creative. It’s not your job to say, “Look at me,” but instead to find a way to say, “Look at you!”

It’s not about letting the world know how awesome you are, but how awesome you can help the world become. Your art may be spectacular, but it is not enough. The world needs your knowledge, your wisdom, and your insight. It’s time to put away your resume, and open up your helping hands.

If you feel this is the kind of artist you want to be, then please, remove yourself from here. You are not one of us. We are soldiers here, and we fight for each other, not for ourselves.