As I’ve mentioned, 2013 was a pretty transformative year for me and for Fresh Rag. In order to really reflect on all that happened, and to be proud of all the accomplishments (and failures), I’m listing out all the substantial things that went down last year.

Now, I’m not writing this to show how awesome I am (we all know I’m a total dork most of the time), but more-so to show that the things I accomplished can be accomplished by anyone, because really, who am I? Aside from personality traits, gender identification, and perhaps some facial hair, I’m no different than many of you. In other words, if I can do it, then you absolutely can, and after the list, I’ll tell you exactly how I managed it all.

In 2013, I didn’t think…

  • I could change the direction of my site without losing people, but it happened, and I have more readers now than before.
  • I would have left my job (I actually planned on it for 2014), but a pink slip in May got me there.
  • I would write a book, let alone two books, but I did, and I have a couple more in planning stages.
  • I could bench press 245 lbs, squat and deadlift 315 lbs., leg press 1,100 lbs., but those are now my personal records.
  • I needed to take any sort of new training, because what would it get me? Yet B-School presented itself and changed my life.
  • I had coaching in my system, until someone told me I was a natural, and then I proved it.
  • it was ok to be 100% me because that might not make people happy, but apparently it works.
  • I would start a podcast, but here we are, quickly approaching episode 50 of the CBP
  • I would ever be ok with splitting apart from my father, but I quietly forgave him while still choosing to not have him in my life, and everything was ok.
  • I would grow my newsletter list by 300%, but it happened.
  • After all my successes, I could fail when I published my first program, but I was wrong… and then I lost everything.
  • I didn’t think I could get back up off the mat after that last one, but here I am.

So, what’s the big secret to making it all happen? Well, having plenty of time to work on things because I got laid off was a big factor, but aside from that, the real secret is this—I just did it.

Easier said that done, right? Wrong!

When I wrote the first book, I didn’t know anything about how to share it solely to my email list people, or how to sell it on Amazon, but I figured it out through reading books and articles on the subject. When I started the podcast, I read up about how to start a podcast. I made a lot of mistakes—I mean A LOT of mistakes, but I powered through and made them happen.

I am no Superman. I am not some sort of productivity hero. I procrastinated like mad on many of these projects, mostly out of fear and resistance, but I called myself out on my own bullshit, I figured out how to get out of my own way and make shit happen. You can do it too, I promise.

There are no big secrets to making big things happen in your life. You pick your goal, make it big, but still achievable, and then move—head down, eyes forward, and lean into it.

I made shit happen because I was tired of not making shit happen. If you’re tired of your creative career not hitting marks, then maybe it’s time to have a reality check with yourself.

If I made something happen that you’ve always wanted to happen to you— the only difference is that I made it happen, and you’re waiting for it to happen to you.

Stop waiting. Get in the fucking game!