It’s that time again. Time for me to tackle all your burning questions, but we’re doing it a little different this time, at least on the show notes. Below you’ll find the questions as they were asked of me, and for those that left a link to their sites, I have share the links with you all. Perhaps this will inspire the rest of you to ask some interesting questions. Give me your best shot!

Also, just a reminder that this is the last episode for a few weeks. I will be back in April to pick things back up again. Until then, enjoy this episode, all the archives, and I will put out a couple of From the Vault episodes, just to keep the flow going. And with that, now onto the questions, starting with an Etsy shop review.

Pam Sims

I am struggling to get views and sales on my Etsy site. I believe I have a beautiful product, but it’s not getting seen. I’ve been posting on Pinterest and have had pins but only have 7 sales.

Ann Pellegrino

My biggest problem now is where to start. I am willing to put in the work, but am overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. Should I be blogging? Rebuilding my website? Direct sales? Where should I be posting my work (FB, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr)? Also what kind of work should I do? I have some experience in many areas, should narrow my focus to just one thing? (For example: stationery or design? Illustration or invitations? Print or digital?) Should I be looking at job opportunity websites? I’ve been keeping a personal blog for about four years which mostly features baking, but the most popular posts have been about kids parties, crafts, and printables … should I be making more of those projects? Or just keep creating art that I like and wait for the path to appear?

Derek Reynolds

On Etsy or any other format—suppose you get tons of viewers and favorites on certain items but your your only selling 1/8th of your views on said items. Product pictures are on point, shipping is free with a code and price is modest compared to similar stores. What would be the issue turning views into sales? I feel like even the product descriptions are on point. It drives me insane that traffic won’t reflect in sales!

Emily Spada

What are your biggest challenges with your business? Where is there still room for improvement/mastery?

Fabio Perez

Dave, you’ve taken a bigger and very much appreciated role doing what you do. But, what’s your creative itch? How would you be creatively expressing yourself if you hadn’t taken this road?

Virgen Barnet

What part of your creative to selling process do you or did you hate the most and how did you fix it? I’m finding it so hard to go from idea high to finalized product right now.

Luciano Montenegro

A question about money! Do you have examples of online entrepreneurs who are doing business to consumer, selling physical products, and making 6 or 7 figures? Regular people; not big companies.

Follow Up: What is you biz model? How do you make money with your online biz?

Andrew Dunn

High fidelity style three part three parted question! Top three songs to listen to when…

  1. You’re at the top of your game
  2. You’re at the bottom and need to wallow in self pity
  3. You need to punch self pity in the face and get inspired again!

Catherine Garcia

My genre is decorative concrete, small statues and planters using designs I’ve developed. The business name I wanted is taken. some options are “name” + studio design, “name” + concrete studio, or another name with design at the end. which do you think is best?

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