I’m happy to have our friend, and one of our most popular guests, Julie Astrauckas of Julie Ann Art back on the show for another round. At first I was a bit worried I invited her back on too soon, but then I realized it had been almost a year since our last chat. Since so much had happened with her business, I thought it would be a good time to check back in and see how things had changed for her over the past year… and things have really changed.

As you might expect, we talk extensively about Etsy and all the hub bub that’s been rolling around people’s tongue’s lately. If you didnt’ get enough of my conversation with Danielle Spurge last week, you will certainly get your fill of opinions and experience in this one.

We also talk about how much her business has grown, and what she believes is the reason behind that success. I grill her on what she plans to do next to grow her business and the answer might surprise you (or maybe not—you decide.)


“Definitions belong to the definer, not the defined.” – Tony Morrison

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