The Force is Strong with Ninjabot

Killer illustration skills? Proven pop-culture memes? Sounds like a recipe for success. Ninjabot knows what they are doing for sure, and unless you've been under a rock for the past 2o years, you're likely to have some sort of connection to any one of the Ninjabot collection. I'm really fond of the hairdo sillouettes, which I'm sure are a big hit with the ladies, especially Miss Betty Page. Below are some of my other favorites, but which do you prefer? … [Read more...]

The Birds and The Beasts is Sneaky With Talent

Bacon by Birds and the Beasts

Christopher Lee and Kristine Songco of The Birds & The Beasts have a secret they probably won't openly share on their web shop. What we already know is this: Their cards and prints are expertly illustrated and designed. Also, the words drip like melted butter over a warm sugar cookie. I challenge you to find one bad piece in anything they do—You can't, so don't. So, what's the big talent secret? One of these folks has some serious skills with a camera. Take a look at their blog and you'll see photo after sumptuous photo that is as good as anything they sell online, except they don't sell any of their photos, at least not that I can tell. There's no reason why you shouldn't buy their cards and prints, but when you do buy them, make sure you tell them they could also sell you some hot snaps out of whatever camera they're using. I'm not going to show the photos here, so you're gonna have to go check them out yourself. Get on it, kids! Because today just happens to be May the Fourth … [Read more...]