The Cut Paper Art of Calvin Nicholls Makes My Hands Hurt


There's really no better way to express how I feel about Calvin Nicholls except that he is insane. And by insane, I mean insanely talented with an incredible amount of attention to detail. These cut paper sculptures are almost ludicrous in their detail, but oh so awesome. Via Ape on the Moon … [Read more...]

A Confession About Paper Sculptures

Right here, right now, I'm going to admit to you and the world that I'm a bit of a fraud. Ok, maybe fraud is a bit too harsh of a word. What I mean to say is, on certain subjects here on Fresh Rag, I'm less than enthusiastic, and that's just wrong. You see, I love origami and paper sculpture. Some of the work I've seen lately, such as Diana Herrera's paper animals, blows my mind, but not in the way that makes me want to jump off the computer and start working on a cut-paper design. When I see these pieces, I know without a shadow of doubt, I cannot come close to producing anything as beautiful and elegant. The majority of my postings here are art prints, mostly because they are the most readily available subject that fits my paper parameters, but also because when I see art prints I love, my first thoughts go right to wanting to create something cool of my own. I'm a designer, an artist and I dabble in illustration and photography (very little dabbling); producing a cool art print … [Read more...]

Dubrovskaya Makes Paper Dolls, But Not Like You Remember

Paper Dolls aren't my thing normally, but these are freaking hilarious and awesome. I don't know much about Maria Dubrovskaya, but she's a Siberian transplanted into The Philippines where she makes each one of these creations by hand. Not all of her work is supposed to be satirical, but you can see the humor in a lot of her work. Check out more on her Etsy page and her website. … [Read more...]

Bartek Elsner Shows Recycling Cardboard is for Amateurs

What are you going to do with that box you got from Amazon or Zappos? Toss it in the recycle bin? Sure you could do that, and you should, if you're an underachiever. Bartek Elsner would prefer you turn that box into something special; a little fabbed-up art out of discarded materials. Ok, so these sculptures aren't exactly something the novice can replicate, and I doubt my wife would want mangled cardboard creations sitting around our home, but the next time you go to take a box out to the recycle bin, think of Bartek and the potential of that cardboard in your hands. … [Read more...]

You Won’t Believe What Janna Syvanoja Can Do With Scraps

Really only one thing to say about Janna Syvanoja's work—I'm in awe of it. The patiences and craftsmanship that goes into every one of her paper jewelry pieces makes me cringe from my own under-achieving ineptitude. via our friends at Upon a Fold … [Read more...]