DKNG Dropping 5 Hot Prints

DKNG New Work September 2012

The guys at DKNG have been very busy lately, churning out some very cool posters with top notch illustration prowess. Check out these 5 new prints they recently released into the world. Also hit up that video at the bottom that shows the process of their latest piece. Epic stuff going on here. Don't be shy, you can buy some for yourself in their shop. … [Read more...]

Billy Perkins Mini Prints


Billy Perkins just released a new set of open edition 10x12" prints that are derivatives of other posters he's designed for some of his rock poster clients. At only $9 a piece, these are a steal, especially considering the name behind them. "I'm releasing it now as part of a series of small art prints of some of my favorite work. Reinterpreted with new colors just in time for the apocalypse!" Broken Angel Black Angel Baby Sting Red Owl   … [Read more...]

Long Beach Represent: DKNG Studios

image courtesy of DKNG Studios

During my visits to the different shows and events, I'm sometimes still shocked when I find out some of the most talented and popular artists live and/work in Long Beach. Being an LBC resident and having pride in the diversity of 5th largest city in California, I figured I would give a special shout out when I come across designers and artists who call this great city home, starting with DKNG Studios I had a chance to briefly meet Dan Kuhlken of DKNG at Renegade LA; a nice guy, unassuming as your "typical" gig poster artist, but definitely a heavy hitter in the talent department. Between the illustrative skill and the depth of their printing, it's obvious why DKNG are making some serious waves in the rock poster arena, not to mention a whole list of corporate clients. These pieces look killer here, but nothing like seeing them in person. Go buy one and see for yourself. Images courtesy of DKNG Studios … [Read more...]

New Tycho Tour Posters from Scott Hansen ISO50


It's going to be a quick and dirty day, short updates, starting with cool new minimalist Tycho tour dates poster set from Scott Hansen of ISO50. Full disclosure, Scott is also the dude behind Tycho, so he's either his ultimate client or ultimate nightmare. You decide and let it be known in the comments. … [Read more...]

Oh My Goodness, Scott Campbell!

Scott Campbell Design

Hello Poster Nirvana? Wow, just wow! Scott Campbell gets the coveted Gaping Maw award because I'm slack-jawed over his work. Way more than this on his website, so get your asses over there. … [Read more...]

The Never-ending Art Machine That is Scrojo

Scrojo on

When it comes to poster designers, there are thousands of talented designers out there. Then there is a group that are not only talented, but popular and produce a large body of work. Beyond that is a very short list of designers that stay so gainfully employed by poster design, it's almost sickening the amount of work they have in their portfolio. Scrojo is one of those latter folks. At the time of this post, he has over 1,400 rock posters listed in his profile, and that's just the ones that he cared to share. There's also a bunch that aren't gigposters that aren't shown on the site. I can easily imagine he has done well over 2,000 poster designs in his career. It seems a shame to only show a dozen here, but I don't have the server space to post them all. You're best bet is to go through his collection on Gigposters and gaze at their greatness. Oh, and the boobs; he's very fond of boobs. … [Read more...]