Open Wide for Corbett Sparks


How it's possible that Corbett Sparks has yet to sell a single piece on his Etsy shop is beyond me. The watercolor work is very nice, and the subject matter is unique and provocative. Maybe the gaping maws of animals, or close up depictions of cephalopods isn't your thing, but they have to be somebody's cup of tea, right? As artist's we sometimes believe that if we do good work, people will see it and eventually become a patron or benefactor. That's not always the case, especially on Etsy, where sometimes buyers can be a bit on the less-than-savvy side when it comes to original art. Nevertheless, I'm here to help. Go buy something from Corbett Sparks, right now. No, they're not cheap, but you know you want to be his first. UPDATE - Literally In the time it took me to write this post last night, Corbett got his first sale. Now you should be his 2nd, and 3rd, and so on.   … [Read more...]

Jyll Ethier Mullen has Sickfeet

Not much to say about Jyll Ethier Mullen's work except that it is quite awesome. Another cool find at the Patchwork Long Beach show, Mullen's work mixes illustration with design, abstraction with surrealism, figurative and typographical experimentation, all in perfect harmony. Plain and simple, I love it. Some might see an influence of contemporary artists like Erik Otto and Blaine Fontana, which I agree with, but there's some really neat diversity in the work that makes it her own. Check out more on her Etsy shop. … [Read more...]

Meagan Segal Majors in Arts and Sciences

 If I keep coming across vendors like Meagan Segal who will be at Unique LA, it's entirely possible I will walk out of that show broke as hell with more stuff to carry home than physically possible. I love Meagan's work, the mix of human fauna mixed with flora is as inventive as it comes, and the illustration work is top notch across the board. This is another shop I'm eagerly awaiting a chance to gawk and drool over. I promise not to get any on the art prints though. … [Read more...]