David King at Salt Fine Art


One of my favorite galleries in San Francisco is Hang Art Gallery, and although they don't carry a ton of artists who work on paper, they have a few standouts, one being David King. You guys know me and my affinity for geometric abstracts. … [Read more...]

Cool, Contemporary, Hand-pulled Linocut Prints by Printwork


Usually when you see linocut art, is tends to be more of a graphical nature, with illustration and/or text, so to see these modern, abstract linocuts by Printwork on Etsy, I was pleasantly surprised. They're still graphically appealing, but without the pretense of being "design" as many linocut artists on Etsy tend to produce. Good on you Toni. … [Read more...]

Digging on Bluesunlight

bluesunlight on etsy

Just when I was about to give up on Etsy for not having anything new and cool, BAM! I stumble across the work of Bluesunlight and I'm drawn into some of the coolest geometric abstracts I've seen in awhile. Ok, maybe I say that a lot, but look at these images below. Aren't they cool? That's what I thought. Have a look at more originals and prints on Bluesunlight's Etsy page.   … [Read more...]

Life Out of Focus with Walter Helena

landscape photography by walter helena

Walter Helena is a photographer out of Vancouver, B.C. who is either desperately in need of a tripod, or he's genuinely found a way to create a painterly affect with his photography. These dreamy landscapes caught my eye the second I caught a glimpse of one shot amongst a slew of others. I appreciate the tones of each image, and despite the intentional blur, I feel at home in these settings. Check out more on his Etsy page, and/or his Facebook. … [Read more...]

Emmanuel Kerner is the Life of the Party

emmanuel kerner - etsy

I dig the retro-styling of these prints by Emmanuel Kerner. I immediately get the feel of a 60s mod flashback, but with different subjects than the typical tiki idols. I hope she posts up more on her shop soon.   … [Read more...]

Ky Anderson on 20×200

ky anderson supported 20x200.com

I get inundated with emails every morning from various newsletters I belong to, but its really ok, because most of them include epic works of art. Today's 20x200 update came with this magnificent piece of work by Ky Anderson entitled simply Supported. Have a look. … [Read more...]