While cruising the virtual aisles of Magcloud.com for some fetching new indie rags, I came across Paperswell, a mag devoted to all kinds of paper goods for greetings, weddings, announcements and such. I’m definitely not their target demographic, I’m sure, nore will find myself working on their DIY projects for handmade paper things, but I surely appreciate the work they put into this book. It’s fabulously art directed with a clean, simple style that emphasizes the exceptional photography.

Paperswell is an annual art magazine put forth by the collaborative efforts of Kelle McCarter on the design tip, and Laura Dombrowsky working the ones and twos behind the camera. At least that’s how I imagine it. Judge for yourself though. You can get a sneak peek and purchase the book over at Magcloud, or give the ladies a shout at Paperswell.com.

Paperswell Magazine Paperswell Magazine via Couture Colorado

Photos tastefully borrowed from CoutureColorado.com

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