In this episode, we are going to stretch your mind a little. We are going to take what you know about story telling and turn it on it’s head, because you may have spent some of your life thinking that story telling was about painting a pretty picture, and that’s not always the case in our life.

In my conversation with Meg Worden and Erika Lyremark, we dig deep into how our personal stories can both help, and maybe hinder our lives, but it often makes good solid sense to tell that story anyway.

You see, that story, regardless of its content, is what will bind you to your tribe of fans and customers. I met both Erika and Meg at an event here in Los Angeles, and after 2+ days of interaction, it was clear the conversations we had needed to be documented for posterity. As surreal as the image above may seem, it was the most accurate representation of the weekend, at least from my perspective. If you take that at face value, you’ll know exactly why I had to have them on the show.

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