That is a direct quote from our guests today, Delilah Snell and Nicole Stevenson of Craftcation Conference, Patchwork Show, and Dear Handmade Life. I’ve been friends with these ladies for awhile, and it was about time I had them on to talk about all the different things in their lives that make them do what they do.

What they do is bring hope, joy and love to the handmade community, and it started with an idea to host a handmade party for people in the Southern California area called Patchwork. That show has grown into several shows, showcased several times a year. Not being satisfied with that, they ventured into the business conference space with their Craftcation show which is held once a year in Ventura, California.

In this chat, we talk about:

  • How they rebranded the business to adjust to the changing market
  • What was the motivation behind starting a business conference for makers
  • Whether the handmade space is oversaturated or not.
  • What they see as the future of selling for artists and makers

It’s a good conversation (even though I think my external microphone was not connected), and I think everyone will get some jewels of information to take along with them over this Thanksgiving Holiday. Speaking of that, I am eternally grateful for all of you, and I wish you the best holiday ever. If I see you standing in line at Best Buy on Friday morning, I will scorn you, though. Remember, buy small, buy local and buy handmade.

Peace, Turkey and Football!

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