What if we lived in a world where our actions and our intentions were enough to get us the business we need? What if we could represent ourselves as 100% authentic, and that would be the way to making it big? Marc Ensign believes it’s possible, and he believes it starts with being a Dick.

Yeah, he wants you and I to be as much of a Dick as possible, but it ain’t what you think. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of what you think. I won’t expose the secret, so you’re going to have to listen in to see what Marc means by that.

We also talk about his viewpoint on search engine optimization (SEO), and that we as a society, put too much emphasis on gaming an electronic system using words and phrases to hook people who may not care we exist. If instead, we chose to be more human, more real, and provide value and information in a way that is unique to ourselves, we provide an opportunity to attract the people that will care about us years to come.

This from the vault episode with Marc goes way back to the days of the CBP, but is filled with many nuggets of awesome. Coincidentally, Marc is also putting out a book about being a Dick, and you might want to get in on that action.

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