I’m loud and boisterous. Rena Tom is subtle yet subversive, and I think that makes us a good pair for, at the very least, criminal activity. The world can be thankful though because Rena and I have decided to use our powers for good, and you’ll be glad she did in this interview. I’m not saying she gave away all the secrets to the world, but she did drop quite a few knowledge bombs and if you listen carefully to her, you will walk away a smarter and more savvy business person.

In this chat, we talk about starting a business out of a need for creativity, launching a retail shop, launching another retail shop, selling those and launching a third business. Rena also talk about how she helps creative entrepreneurs build their brands in a more traditional marketing way. Really, that’s just a portion of all the good things we discuss, so stop reading and get to listening.


Lots of housekeeping in the up front, including the announcement of my very first, official-unofficial meet-up in Dallas on August 15th, 2014. Stay tuned!

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