On the hunt for answers - Photo: Alexander Lake

In order to find out more about what my readers would like to read about, I poised a question to a dozen of my creative friends: “What is the one question you wish you could get help with for your business”? The answers were varied, but many orbited around the same general topics. Here are there responses:

  1. How do i get featured by a larger outlet, like a major blog, site, whatever?
  2. Am I doing [insert job] right?” And where’s the info to tell me I am?
  3. How to get to that perfect point where the work is steady so I can outsource, be selective about what I do myself and what I can let go control of?
  4. How to grow my business, or what should be my next steps?
  5. What can I do more of, or differently, right now to grow the business? How can I use my success to help others so they can also enjoy success?
  6. What does the market truly want?
  7. How to build up or maintain interest, and steady shoppers, all year long?
  8. How do I maintain a better work/life balance and and still grow?
  9. How do I get paid by clients?
  10. How do we succeed financially without losing the purity of our mission?
  11. How am I going to connect with the right people to get my foot in the door?
  12. Could I be running my business more efficiently, both in business practices and productivity?

I’m not certain exactly when we’ll get to talk about all of these, but it’s safe to say these are very common concerns and worthy of a conversation, a few, in some cases.

If you have other questions besides these that you’d like to see discussed here, hit us up in the comments and we’ll add them to the fray.

Photo: Alexander Lake