Today I brought back my friend Linsi Brownson of Spark Collaborative to help me out with a laundry list of questions I’d received from listeners. I could answer these all day long, but at some point I need a little validation or perhaps contrary point of view. I openly admit, I don’t know all the answers, so Linsi is here to either back up my play, or tell me where to step off.

What we discuss in this episode

  • How to find people to interact and network with locally.
  • When it’s a good time to strike out to follow the dream of being a creative entrepreneur.
  • What direction should you take your work if you don’t know your market
  • How to start an email list when you have nothing established
  • What to do with your art when you’re not a “good business person”
  • And more…

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Big thanks to Rebekah, Jess, Katherine, Vitus, Jules, Kara, Hilary and of course, Linsi for being part of this episode.

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