I’m digging a bit into my roots a bit on this episode, because when I first started getting into designing stuff that interested me, I spent a lot of time on one particular website, which was Gigposters.com. As much as I aspired to be the next great illustrator/rock poster designer, I never really felt compelled to go down that route. Perhaps it was the arduous process of making screen printed posters that turned me off. Perhaps it was the polarizing personalities I ran across on that site.

Even though I never made it past my first few attempts at printmaking, I still revere many designers from those days, and that includes today’s guest, Allison Glancey of Strawberryluna. I’ve only officially known Allison for a few years, but she’s been a solid correspondent into the printmaking world.

In this episode, she shares her thoughts on many things, including Etsy, wholesale selling, copyright infringement, and the future of printmaking. It’s fun conversation that I think you will enjoy, so get to it.