Your Children are the Future of Creative Innovation, Says Amber Kane – CBP052


Remember how I was telling you about the transformative experience I had in a conversation with Amber Kane for the Underground Art Initiative? Well, as promised, I’m bringing that whole conversation directly into your face right now. Amber is many things, including a textile designer who looms her own fabrics. More importantly, she is a teacher—a tenured high school art teacher to be exact.

In many cases, tenure can be a bad thing because it allows bad teachers to stay embedded in the system, reeking academic havoc on the children in their classes. In Amber’s case, she’s using tenure to her advantage to push creative thinking and affect change in kids internally that will hopefully transcend beyond the art class and into their everyday lives.

Being the father of a 3-year old boy, the fate of the current schooling system has me very concerned, so this conversation gave me a lot of insight into what is in store for my son in the future and what I can do about it now. Also, I believe it is in my power to affect change with others in hopes of creating a movement toward bringing creativity back into the classroom, just like Amber. You’ll see what I mean after you hear this chat.


Before the chat with Amber, I talk about being in the influence of others can be transformative in your own work. I discuss my path over the past year and what I believe was the main reason for me having so much success in a year’s time.

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  1. Great show, first episode I’ve listened to and was inspired by your talk. Would also recommend the book “The element ” by Ken Robinson, I just read it and it is a lot about the education system too.

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