Incorporating Video Into Your Business, Smart, Fast, and Cheap with Holly Sugrue – CBP049

CBP049-sugrueIn my virtual travels with clients, fans, friends and creative acquaintances, invariably, when someone hears I work with people to establish an business approach to media, they almost always think I’m talking about video. Of course, video is an obvious answer to the proverbial question, but it’s far from the only answer. That said, it’s a seriously powerful answer, and as much as I know about it, I am far from an expert, so why not have an expert on the show.

I’ve been meaning to invite Holly Sugrue on for awhile. As many of my friends and guests go, Holly is a fellow B-Schooler and we’ve run in similar circles for awhile. Recently when I started incorporating video into my promotional tools, when I had questions come up, Holly was my Go-To Video Gal (her actual tagline). Every question I had, she answered with ease and simplicity, making difficult tasks almost rudimentarily easy. All this good stuff was too much to keep to myself, so here she is on the CBP to share some video love.

In this chat, we talk about what is the best gear for your new video setup (it’s not what you think), how much money to spend (also not what you think), tips on how to produce video with limited resources, and what is the best approach for using video in your creative business efforts. There’s most than that, really, but if those don’t get you in the door, then nothing will.


Today is all about housekeeping—making a few announcements that are relative everyone at this moment.

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  1. Oh what fun this was. Thanks for having me on Dave. Love the title. I am two of those three things. LOL

  2. She’s right – video IS scary and that’s exactly why I make excuses!

    • Misha, no more excuses. I am here to make video fun! People are seeing huge changes in their comfort levels with the Zero to Video Hero challenge. If you really want a chance to overcome that fear in a supportive group environment that will hold you accountable. Join in on the next challenge, starting on March 1. I’d love to have you on board.

  3. You two are awesome!

    Thank you Dave & Holly for this insight…I totally resonate with that strange feeling of hearing my own voice & seeing myself on video.

    And, I totally appreciate your clarity that the best camera is the one we have. So right on.

    I am moving forward and ready to start sharing videos with my tribe.

    So excited and grateful for your encouragement!


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