Talking Snacks and Art Supplies with Lee & Sarah Rubenstein – CBP047


Once upon a time, there was a boy who often found himself in the right place at the right time. He found small success after small success, and before he knew it, grew himself a tiny empire, but remained humble and respectful the entire time. During his climb to the top, he found he needed the help of others, so he asked his most obvious of cohorts (his sister) to join him.

Just as the combination of the Wonder Twins created a better super hero than each one unto itself (let’s be real, the kid who could turn himself into an ice unicycle really couldn’t do shit without his sister), Lee and Sarah Rubenstein became more of a powerhouse together. They eventually added more people to the mix to help with the growth, and things were really off to the races for their site, Eat Sleep Draw… but something was missing.

Eat Sleep Draw was really moving, netting over 400,000 followers on Tumblr, and there was a bit of revenue from ads, but it wasn’t a lifestyle changing success. Lee and Sarah also knew that they needed to diversify what they were providing, but how did they grow from a site that was largely community driven?

Their next big idea came to them in a moment of clarity while discussing makeup and beauty accessories. BirchBox is a company that supplies beauty products to subscribers in a box each month, with different products in each box. While looking at the products in one box, it came to them that they were art supplies for your face, and that is when the giant light bulb appeared overhead.

It took awhile to go from epiphany to action, but soon was born, and the Rubenstein family has been delivery tasty art supplies and snacks to mailboxes every month. I was so impressed with the idea, I just had to have the duo on the show, and so here we are.


In the up front portion, we keep it pretty short because the interview goes long, but the general idea is this: The new year is upon us, so let’s get off our butts and get to work!

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  1. That was fabulous! What a great idea. Thanks for telling us about them.

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