Well, this was a fun episode. After a lively meet up with some of my favorite people, one of those individuals and I snuck off to get a little more intimate. We walked down to a local coffee shop here in Long Beach with the intention of hanging out and having a conversation. I was testing my road rig for the first time, and I was a bit leery that it might not work. Thankfully that was not the case and this interview came out great. Granted, it’s a bit rough because we were using the same mic. There’s a few moments when passing the mic back and forth got a bit weird, but I think you can handle it.

Of course, it wouldn’t have been nearly as awesome if not for my fabulous co-host today, Miss Caroline White, a Los Angeles based photographer who I have had the pleasure of hanging out with many times. She’s a good egg, and knows her stuff when it comes to shooting people the legal way.

Caroline and I talk about the art of taking good photos, how she came to be a photographer from her original career path, and what she thinks it takes to make a big impact with people when you’re hiding behind a camera. I think you’ll enjoy the off-the-cuff nature of this conversation. In fact I know you will because we already had an audience who approved of it. More on that on the inside.


This time around I talk about how obstacles and disappointments can be opportunities to make positive adjustments in your business model.

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