Meant to share these yesterday, but got sidetracked. Fab has some cool neighborhood map renderings by Jen Adrion and Omar Noory of¬†These Are Thing¬†starting yesterday. The smaller ones are selling out, but you can get your hands on the big ones for a pretty decent price considering they retail for much higher. The images on Fab show the posters in black frames, but I couldn’t see anything on the page that said the frames were included. There’s only a small handling fee, so I assume it’s just the print you’re buying, but maybe you’ll be surprised. Either way, the work is cool and would compliment any room it it’s neutral, yet colorful tones. More neighborhoods beyond these four available on the site. Because I missed them yesterday, these will only be available for about another day, so get on it.

These Are Things - Los Angeles Map

These Are Things - San Francisco

These Are Things - Brooklyn

These Are Things - Chicago