I get a lot of favor requests from people, too many to count these days, and I have to be vigilant about saying no unless it makes sense. So when our friend Natasha Wescoat says she has a new project that she wants to share, but it revolves around her making a radical shift in her process, I jump at the chance.

Natasha has a Kickstarter event happening right now to help her fund a children’s book she’s writing and illustrating, but the book is only the beginning. You see, not too long ago, Natasha made a decision to change things up. She took a risk to potentially alienate her fan base by radically changing the direction of her art. She went from doing her surreal landscapes to more figurative fantasy work, and got an almost immediate backlash.

A contingent of her fans were not happy with the direction she was headed, but Natasha is compelled to grow and change as an artist. Despite losing some of her fans in the beginning, she has since gained more momentum with her work, and being asked to showcase in more places. The pivot was a big risk, but it paid off because Natasha stuck to what she thought was more important—the development of her art.

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