I must admit I’ve been a bit fearful, as a man, using the phrase Lucky Bitch so readily because being a guy raised by a single mother, I feel like there are few words dudes should not say to women; that being one of them. However, the lady gets what the lady wants, and Denise Duffield-Thomas’ is the Lucky Bitch, so that’s how we roll today, folks. DDT would not have it any other way, I assure you.

Once we get past the social mores of elicit language, we can get right down to business with a subject that many of us hate to talk about, but so many of us need to talk about it more. You think the B-Word is bad language? How about the M-Word? MONEY!

I’m already dealing with people and their starving artist mindset. Add in the fact that they don’t like to even mention the word money, and it makes for a rough go with some artsy types. That’s ok though, because Denise is here to help us understand that our fears and thoughts about money are not uncommon, but complete and utter B.S. that we can get past if we’re willing to put in a little energy.

I’ve been wanting to get a money person on the show for awhile, but let the idea stay on the backburner for awhile. So, when DDT messaged me and said she wanted to be considered for the show, I was more than ready to have her on, because I knew she would deliver. She does just that, but you’ll have to listen in to find out for yourself.

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