In the immortal words of ICE-T, “I’d rather be a New Jack Hustler,” which is the overarching theme to this episode of the Fresh Rag Show, featuring podcaster, car nut, musician and entrepreneur, Michael O’Neal of the Solopreneur Hour.

I had the pleasure of meeting Michael at a podcasting conference back in August of 2014 and his keynote had a profound effect on me because it took what I thought I knew about my business model and turned it on it’s head. After my his speech, and the follow-up Q&A session, I hopped in the car and headed back to the airport to head home from the conference. With time to kill in the airport, I spent the next few hours working out the future game plan of FreshRag, and I have Michael to blame for more of it.

In this conversation we talk about many thing, and we diverge into some interesting areas, but here’s a few items to tantalize you.

What We Discuss

  • How artists can use their voice to win fans
  • What a proper money mindset can do for your business
  • Whether “hustle” can be learned or not
  • Favorite cars and heroes
  • Why with think Chris Brogan should change his name

Michael is an inspiration, and even if he’s not the typical guest I would have on the show, he definitely brings the thunder when it comes to insight on how to get a business moving and keep the momentum up. I encourage you to hang out and listen in as he drops one knowledge bomb after another. If you don’t walk away smarter, go back and listen again, because you might have missed something.

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