In a social experiment, I invited my friend Linsi Brownson of Spark Collaborative over to the office for my first ever in-studio conversation, and the results are pretty awesome.

We had a great time talking about how to get yourself motivated to work when you’ve been out of work mode for awhile. You know you’ve been there—struggling through a project because you spent a long weekend away on vacation, or you stumbled on a project and can’t seem to get back in gear. We discuss the next steps to get you through that down spot.

I also wanted to talk to Linsi about social media, namely Facebook and all the changes they’ve made lately. She’s a branding expert, and when it comes to not getting the same organic reach you once did through a social media outlet, that definitely effects the brand. The big question we ask and answer is, “do numbers matter?”

Aside from all that goodness, we discuss the plight of the creative entrepreneur on many levels, and then we talk about lunch a little, which is always good. Mix that with some good jamming tunes, and I think we’ve got quite the episode loaded up for you here.

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