Kik Designs thinks Mincing Words is So 2011

Fresh Rag's Unique Paper Post Series It’s better to get right to the point, say what you’re going to say in big, bold letters and get on with it. At least, that’s the ideal behind kik designs. In your face! That’s my kind of greeting. Well, most of the time that’s my kind of greeting. I acknowledge that sometimes boisterous may not be the mood your going for, but when an event requires a major statement, these cards are the deal. What do you think? Is kik a little too much in your face, or would you like to see more?

Kik Design - Hey!

Like - Kik Design

XO Assortment - KIK Design

kik designs is part of our Unique Paper series. However, if you’re for other greetings, try over here.

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