In a long overdue conversation with a lady I’ve known for years but never met in person, I invited Kenna (or Kendra depending on how well you know her) Coté of Modern Soap Making to come on the show and chat with me. She was in California for a short trip, and said she wanted to visit me in the LBC.

I gave her the short tour of my city, then we planted ourselves in a local park, and recorded this conversation about soap, buses, and giving away your business so you can focus energy on a project that she’s more passionate about.

In this chat, make sure to pay close attention to how she instructs her students on how to find their market, and differentiate themselves by hyper-niching.  She also talks about why it’s important to charge what your worth. If you’re a maker looking to make a living from your made stuff, then you need to get paid enough to continue making.

And then you sell all your stuff, and travel around the country in a bus.

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