Today is questions and answers day. Here’s what we talked about:


My sister and I are sister artists and we have separate Instagrams but one business. Should we merge them and what would be the best way?


I’m developing a new product that I’m really excited about and plan on introducing to my shop next month. It’s something that I haven’t seen before in my industry and I think my customers will really love it.What’s your take on the amount of time I should leave between teasing it, announcing it and releasing it for sale?

Also, I want to start reaching new customers as well so I’m planning on contacting a few influencers in my industry that blog/podcast to see if they can help me to promote this product on their platforms. Do you have any advice for what I should say when I contact them? (They do many reviews so I think they will be open to the idea.)

Jenn K.

What’s the best way for freelancers to find new clients? I get most of my work through word of mouth and referrals and have tried advertising a few times without success.


Can you talk about your approach to using Periscope?


Favorite music to listen to when working and favorite music that gets you pumped.


What’s your personal #1 way to unwind when you’re elbow-deep in business stuff, and how often do you take a break? How separate is your downtime from your work? Do you have any weird or stupid ways you like to have fun? When work, creativity and play are so intertwined for me I struggle sometimes to know when I need to, should, or shouldn’t step back from everything for a little while. I feel the pressure (and the excitement) to go go go and not lose momentum, but I know that’s a recipe for burnout. When I do “take a break” I feel a bit of anxiety that I should at least pick a “constructive” or “artistic” pass time. How do you feel about dumping some time into a video game or mindless tv show when you know you’ve got a hundred plates in the air, and how long do you give yourself before you dive back in?


What are you reading these days?


I have a handmade business where I sell my hand bound leather journals, currently on Etsy, I am finally at a place where I want to make this all legit and get my business license, but I will be moving to another state soon. Should I wait to get my business license in California in a few months, or get it now in Arkansas, or does it matter?

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