I’m not sure what it is about Twitter, but it seems to have spurred most of the conversations this month. I met Grace, Rena, and now Joy Wilson all on Twitter recently, and each episode has become a part of my top favorites.

Joy (aka Joy the Baker) is a formally trained baker who turned her passion into words, her words into a community, and her community into a legion. She built a small empire with that legion, branching off into several avenues including books, videos, and a podcast network of her own. There’s no moss gathering on this rock star.

In today’s chat, I talk with Joy about her comeuppance, her growth, and how she keeps from spreading too thin. We talk business success, and also quite a bit of nonsense. There’s a bit about hot dogs that you have to hear—during editing, I laughed so hard, I cried. So, yeah, it was fun, and I thank Joy for being on the show.

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