One thing I dig is innovation in the creative world, and how some people are taking ideas from other market niches and using them in new ways to sell their art or craft. That’s one of the many reasons I invited photographer, Jon Wilkening to come talk about his process on the show.

A few years ago, Jon made a conscious decision to leave his job in the finance world in order to pursue his dream of making art with a camera. He set himself up with a part-time job that helped bridge the money gap, and then proceeded to create the most compelling photo art he could with a $20 pinhole camera.

On top of that, he also is looking for new ways to sell his art that goes beyond the typical “post a listing and hope it sells,” with a graduated pricing system that allows collectors to buy in at a low cost to start, but quickly goes up as the pieces get purchased.

Come listen in as we talk about selling, pricing, and pursuing purpose in a way that hasn’t been talked about on this show in awhile.

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[Photo by Jon Wilkening]