In today’s episode, we’re discussing how to sell high end handmade products with jewelry designer, Natasha Wozniak. Several people have come to me in the past and asked me my thoughts on how to approach selling products that should be regarded as higher quality and higher price point. In those situations, I contend that attitude toward the work is as important as the materials used to craft the item.

How we look at ourselves as creators, and what we appreciate as being “high end” in the marketplace says a lot about us, and most of us have a problem seeing beyond the scope of our own budgets, even if we are shooting much higher with our product pricing. Natasha talks to this, and a whole slew of other pertinent questions with regard to selling high end products. Even if you sell a lower end product, you’re guaranteed to get some nuggets of wisdom from Natasha, and who knows, you may start charging more for your work sooner than you think.

We can only hope, right?


I answer a burning question from a listener, this time about how to maintain our passion for our creativity when money is involved. This one is sticky, but I think I have the solution for you.

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