I’ve known Jen Murse of Plastique for a few years now, built a friendship over several meetings during local art and craft shows. Her jewelry designs are unique and resonated with me because of their graphic art themes. Who wouldn’t want to wear a Golden Rectangle ring or ⌘Z necklace? 

Ok, maybe not the first thing you would expect me to wear, and I haven’t, but I did ask Jen to make a knuckle duster that says CMYK. Just when Jen was getting comfortable with her success, she decided to up her game with a second company, completely unrelated, with a whole slew of new products—this time, all stationery goods. On top of that, she jumped into with both feet and took her line to the National Stationery Show in New York City, the largest stationery expo in the country.

Not bad for someone who had no orders placed yet. This take charge attitude is only one of the reasons I brought Jen onto the show. The rest you’ll just have to find out for yourself, because it’s worth a listen.

“Wade out into the deep end. If you sit in the shallow end, you’ll never get anywhere” – Jen Murse [Tweet it]

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