In this episode, I get back together with my friend, Ozeal Debastos of Connected Creatives and the No Permission Needed podcast where we talk about our adventure in Dallas, Texas at the the inaugural Podcast Movement Conference. Whether you’re an aspsiring podcaster or not, you’ll want to check out this episode because there are lessons to be learned no matter what media you choose as your main source of promotion. In this case, the word podcasting could be easily replaced with blogging, social media, or traditional media because the sentiments are the same in regards to business.

What we talk about in this episode:

  • Why is it so damn hot and muggy in Texas (we always have to talk about the weather)
  • A new generation of media creators coming up
  • Who is our real competition in business
  • How to incorporate new efforts in social media
  • Why being a copy-cat is a sure fire way to fail
  • What is the future of broadcasting

Some of you may remember my conversation with Ozeal and our mutual friend Carlton where we talked about some of these issue before. It’s obvious that the future of our chosen media is right on track with what we were discussing back then, but with the added aspect of having thousands of new people joining the ranks every single week.

Even though we are discussing podcasting here, the idea that your competition is increasing with each passing week still should resonate with all of us. As our business competition grows, it’s more important now than ever to maintain a standard of excellence in everything we do. I’ve recently come to grips with this idea in my own work, and am now focusing my energy away from random projects, and refocusing my strengths toward things that benefit my brand as a whole. No longer will I chase the ‘butterflies” of different business ideas if they are not in support of my overall brand.

If the work I’m doing at this moment isn’t in some way helping my core readers or listeners, then I’m not going to focus my attention there, and this will become even more clear this week as I rollout my first ever large scale project. Stay tuned for information regarding the Brand Mastery webinar later today.

More about our guest

Ozeal Debastos is the founder of Connected Creatives, and organization dedicated to bringing creative individuals together, either through the airwaves on his podcast, No Permission Needed, or in live events he hosts in his hometown of Houston, TX.

“We’re a movement of creatives passionate about creativity, entrepreneurship, and discovering the edges of our greatness. Our mantra is to provoke action and inspire creatives to come together for a transformational, interactive experience.”

I consider Ozeal one of my best podcasting comrades, and I’m glad I got to spend some time hanging out with him, both at the event, and in this conversation. I think you will appreciate all that we had to talk about. So, go pour yourself a cocktail and enjoy the musings of two smooth talking bruthas while we discuss the future of podcasting.

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