marie-video-3Today, Marie Forleo  shares the common excuses that hold entrepreneurs back, but before we go into details about B-School, I’d like to share something that happened between me and a new friend. The other day, a motivated, young man named Justin reached out to me. I didn’t know him prior, but he saw me in a video talking about B-School and decided that it was a message for him to reach out. This is the gist of what he wrote to me:

“I’m 24 years old and I literally come from a poverty background, I’ve dedicated this past two years of my life to become the best leader I can be for my generation and future generations. I feel my purpose relates to yours. When it comes to the microphone, all my friends say I inspire them, and my words are empowering cause I believe we all deserve to live. But I haven’t went public, I don’t have anyone in the inside to strive with so I just invest time in learning as much as possible.

What do you recommend [about B-School] ‘cause the cost is kind of hard for me right now. but if it means [sacrificing] 2 double cheeseburgers a day for 8 weeks I’ll do it,if that’s what it takes to do it right. My friends really need someone like me in their life. Their not truly happy, and that hurts me cause I know I’m suppose to inspire them to release their potential. I WAS BORN TO SERVE (his emphasis, not mine).”

I commend Justin for his honesty and his passion. I don’t know many 24-year-olds who have this much confidence in their future and  knowing what they want out of life, but this dude has a vision. I am honored that he turned to me in this moment, so I did what anyone would do in this situation—dropped some serious reality on him.

“As far as B-School goes, there are two main things you need to know about it in order to make your decision. First, it’s all about getting you the online training you need to get you moving. B-School is a framework, not a magic bullet. You will be given insight and tools. It’s then up to you to take all that and make something happen… but you’re not alone in this, which leads me to the 2nd thing.

B-School has an amazing community. It’s literally filled with thousands of aspiring and successful entrepreneurs who are making their dreams happen. The beauty of this community is that it involves people of all levels of expertise, social status, race, gender, etc., but all with the purpose of growing their business and helping others grow as well.

If you want to bring out the leader inside you, B-School will help you define that, but you have to do the work. On the upswing, if you do sign up for B-School through me, you’ll be getting some killer, special goodies to go along with it.

Cheers, dude. Good on you for taking action, double cheeseburgers be damned.”

Since this year’s B-School roll-out started, I’ve gotten at least one note like that every day; people telling me they related to my story, was inspired by it, and wanted to know more about the program. I’ve done my best to represent the training the best I can, and I’m only going to come at this from an honest and direct point of view. B-School can help Justin get to his goal, but he has to be completely invested. Let me break it down for you.

What to Expect From B-School:

  • It’s online business training presented in a way that’s easy to understand, but robust enough to get you ramped up and selling your goods and services right away.
  • You will work your ass off! It’s not difficult, but it is intense, powerful, and you will be affected.
  • The community is strong and diverse, and will provide a support system unlike anything else you’ve experienced.
  • You will make friends, have fun, and if you’re smart, kind, and generous with your time and engagement, grow a business within the community itself.

What B-School is Not:

  • It’s not a walk in the park. Those that do the work will succeed. Those that sit back and expect it to work for them will be disappointed.
  • It’s not a turnkey solution. You won’t be handed a full-fledged successful business at graduation, but you’ll know how to make one happen.
  • It’s not for people who bounce from one training program to the next looking for a miracle.

Your business is a puzzle, and Marie can give you those missing pieces, but you need to put them in place. If you’re ready to hunker down and make stuff happen, then B-School is waiting. As I said before, the doors open soon, but there’s something else I want to share with you first.

But Wait, There’s More!

About now, you’re trying to decide whether you even want to go down this road. It’s a sizable investment and not one to take lightly, but how about we sweeten the deal a bit? As much as the course is powerful and informative, and the community is supportive and essential, things can get a bit noisy. You will be taking in tons of new information; at times it will be overwhelming, but you’re going to have someone in your corner to help out. In case you’re wondering, it’s me.

If you go through this program with me, I want you to succeed and have a great experience. To help you filter through through some of the noise, answer questions when you have them, and give you some very high-touch support in a few different ways:

Private Facebook Group

There is already a B-School Facebook group, and it’s great, but it gets a bit crowded. Message will be flying past you rapidly and it can be a bit distracting. As an alternative, I’m going to have a private group strictly for anyone that signs up through me. I am also guaranteeing that I will be in that group and active for the duration of the course itself. Consider I likely won’t have droves of people signing up, there’s a high likelihood you’re going to get some very strong one-on-one attention.

Two Private, Live Q&A Chats

At two intervals during the course, I’m scheduling a private 1-hour Google video chat for you and our exclusive gang to hang out, ask some questions about the course and have a regular, good time. Marie also has Q&A each week, but getting your questions answered can be a bit tough and you might get stuck waiting for someone else to ask the question. With me, we’ll make sure to get all your B-School questions answered.

Free Media Strategy Report

At some point down the road, you may wonder if you’re on the path, or if you’re hitting the points you meant to hit. My Burn Report is designed to help you answer some questions about your online presence, help you identify holes in your game, and let know you what you can add or change to get on the right track.

Extra Study Materials

You’ll also get digital copies of my first two books, Selling Art Online and Get Up & Dance. I’ll also have two more books that I’m going to be working through over the next year. As they come available, you will get instant access to them.

Look at that list. I just tossed you nearly $1,000 worth of extra goodies that won’t just become something you put on a shelf and ignore. You’re getting really tangible, dedicated support from me for the duration of the course. There’s quite a few people who are representing B-School, but not many are giving you that kind of personalized attention. It’s what I enjoy doing, and I can’t wait to help you along the way.

I’ve talked long enough, and really, the time for talk is over. NOW is the time for action. You have a choice to make. You can click through on the link below and start the next stage of your business life. I promise, it’s going to look a lot different in a few months. You could also walk away right now, but if you’ve come this far in the message, I’ll assume you’re interested. So click that link below, make that move, and I’ll see you on the other side.

7 Common Excuses That Kill Your Success 

If after that video you have more questions, feel free to reach out to me. I’m happy to share more, as I did with Justin. Also, as a final reminder, I am an affiliate for B-School and I do get a commission for promoting the course. However, I firmly believe everything we talk about here and would promote it regardless. If you’ve seen the video where I talk about the course, you’ll know what I mean.