This is not your typical Fresh Rag Show conversation, but this is a conversation that is needed probably more than any other we have had since the start of the show. Today I’m talking with Kathleen Jasper of, a woman on a mission to change the status quo of how we educate our kids in America.

Whether you have kids or not, this is an essential conversation because the power that be are trying to turn the children of the world into standardized test taking drones whose only goal is to study to pass a multiple-choice test that does nothing but justify the high cost of standardized testing.

The truth is, not all kids learn the same way, yet we are trying our hardest to squeeze every single square peg into the round hole of Common Core. Meanwhile, as new standards in math, science and language are pushed upon them, other programs like art, music and sports are being removed to make room for industrialized education.

Kathleen Jasper wants nothing more than for you to stand up for your kids, and/or the kids in your community, because it is through our communities that we can make substantial change, and that is why Kathleen is here to talk to us today.

Things We Talk About in This Episode

  • What is Standardized Testing?
  • Who is Behind the Problem?
  • What are the Politics Surrounding the Education Issue?
  • What is Common Core?
  • Who is Doing Things Right in Regards to Public Education?
  • What Can We Do as a Society?

More About Kathleen Jasper?

After spending the bulk of her adult life as an educator and a school administrator, Kathleen had enough of the status quo. She left her position as a high school assistant principal in order to make ConversationED a full time effort. Kathleen admits, “On the weekends I was an activist, but during the week I was contributing to the problem as an assistant principal enforcing bad education policy,” and she decided she could no longer hide her distaste for the situation normal.

Kathleen is a self-proclaimed  “activist, educator, writer and game-changer inciting a conversation about education policy and action.” She also work with public schools and colleges as a consultant, to “impact necessary change to move forward with innovation and creativity.”

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