Nearly two years ago, I embarked on a experimental journey to broadcast my thoughts across the digital airwaves so that I could lend support to the creative community that I had come to love. This podcast started out as a way to reach out to that community, but it soon became the hub of everything I do with my business.

My first two episodes were me doing my solo thing—ranting and kicking ass. However, I knew I wanted to start talking to people, and I had a list of individuals who I wanted to interview. Near the top of that list was Srini Rao, the voice of The Unmistakable Creative (formerly BlogCastFM), and one of the best interviewers I had run across. I liked his style, and his viewpoint on the creative pursuit, so he was the natural choice to have on the show.

That interview was one of my favorites, and I still get the occasional comment on it. So, when Srini reached out and said he wanted to talk about some things that had gone down within his community, I was happy to bring him back on to chat. This conversation is a lot different than the last. This one is filled with a whole bunch of humble pie, and a bright outlook on the future of his brand.

If you want to know about the ups and downs of managing a growing brand, maintaining your purpose, and finding ways to grow without losing touch, then this conversation should shed some light.

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